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Darcy D Music Group: western Canada's most comprehensive developmental vocal studio; providing a path for singers & artists from vocal analysis to radio ready finished product.

Singing lessons utilizing (VIP) Vocology in Practice voice coaching methods.


Darcy D is the only western Canadian authorized instructor of the LA based, “Vocology in Practice” teacher network.


“Vocology in Practice provides access to a profound knowledge base from voice teachers to vocal scientists and doctors internationally. This combined with access to the collective and expansive industry experience of the network provides valuable tools for me and focused results for my clients!” - Darcy D


Not your average studio.

 We're where you want to be. 



Voice Coaching, Song writing, Repertoire building, Head ShotsVideos (YouTube/lyric/corporate/feature) Performance coaching, Artist IdentityBranding/Logo Design,  Social MarketingRecording Releasing your product to the world.

Book a Session and "Sing for Yourself"!



Everywhere you go, "sing for yourself"

Sing Pro, by Vocalize U, was developed by Dave Stroud, world renowned voice coach from Los Angeles. Dave spent many years researching voice development and is in high demand with some of the biggest names in music.

Dave's clients include: Cee Lo Green, Natasha Bedingfield, Adam Lambert, Mike Posner, Justin Bieber & Michael Jackson to name a few.

DMG is the official Canadian distributor of SingPro. The worlds most comprehensive vocal program. SingPro is the first and only totally mobile vocal training program that works right off your phone, tablet, laptop and desktop computer! It is easy to use and will increase your vocal range, power, tone and pitch. We use it in the studio, online and on the road! Download today and sing for yourself! SingPro

Vocalize U Events

Artist development on steroids

As a member of Hollywood's Vocalize U community, DMG invites artists from all levels to take advantage of the best artist development events in the world. Learn from the most successful names in the business by attending Vocalize U Events: 

Winter Retreat: The VU Winter Retreat is an inspiring and introspective look at artistry and musicality. We take this weekend to really focus on the creative process of making music and becoming a fully faceted artist.

Artist Intensive: The most comprehensive and unique artist development event available. We use our industry reach and years of successful events, to create the most influential, inspiring, educational and engaging musical experience.


Studio Space

personalized-private sessions in studio/online

Every private session is recorded to review and mark progress.  Our Client centered teaching means there are no limits to the results you will achieve developing your artistry. You call the shots; we work for you. And we're backed by a global network of elite voice experts, including singing teachers, vocal coaches, songwriters, producers, music industry professionals, speech and language practitioners, ENT’s and laryngologists. Book a session today: "Sing for Yourself"! 

IN HOUSE SERVICES: Voice Coaching, Song writing, Repertoire building, Head Shots,Videos (YouTube/Lyric/Feature/Corporate) Performance coaching, Artist Identity, Branding/Logo Design, Social Marketing, Recording & Releasing your product to the world. 

Mobile Voice Coach Experience

ON THE ROAD TO a better voice

We come to you fully equipped and ready to meet all your vocal needs via our 40’, internet ready, studio equipped, mobile vocal coach experience. For Singers/Artists/Voice Coaches.

Learn Hollywood vocal methods utilized by Grammy winning artists. Re-habituate effective vocal technique, science, style & performance. Unlock vocal challenges, develop your vocal prowess, and knowledge.  All ages-all genres-all styles-all levels.

Book a workshop and private sessions with Darcy D, one of Canada’s top voice coaches. Empower your Artistry! Now Booking Western Canada. REQUEST MORE INFO


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Questions? Find out what your next step is. Here's our contact info.

Office: Monday-Friday    |    Phone: 604.746.7477

Saturday-Sunday: "Don't forget to Golf"

 Studio Location: 33783 Essendene Avenue (2nd floor), Abbotsford, BC