Darcy D/Artist developer

Owner/Darcy D Music Group

Professional Singer: 1981-present

Voice Coach: 1997-present

Record/Vocal Producer: 1996-present

Board Member Vocology in Practice :2014-present

The culmination of 30 years experience in the music business is the driving force behind Darcy D.  This Canadian born musician, Singer, Songwriter, Recording Artist, Producer & conference speaker is the owner of Darcy D Music Group. 

First & foremost Darcy is a singer. Getting his start fronting the touring club band, "Simon Kaos" from 1981-1987. He shared Gold record success with Juno award winning Canadian recording artists Prism from 1987-2004. His recorded efforts, ranging from Rock to Jazz standards, have been released worldwide. In addition to performing the globe, Darcy was a tour manager for Nettwerk Management (Vancouver) and company manager for the production "Red Rock Diner". Darcy was nominated for a BCCMA producer of the year award - 2012. 

With the study of voice being his main focus he dedicated 7 yrs studying & teaching the SLS method. Has been a member of the "International Voice Teachers of Mix" since 2011. Currently holds a seat on the board for "Vocology in Practice". Today Darcy is honored to be an authorized instructor for VIP (vocology in practice) in western Canada. 

Darcy's experiences both on & off the stage when combined with the associations he's built become a qualified recipe for success.

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Singer, Songwriter, Recording Artist, Producer, Tour Manager, Company Manager, Voice Coach, Conference Speaker, Artist Developer. Owner of Darcy D Music Group.


Current Associations:

Council member/Board of Directors Vocology in Practice 2014 - present

(ViP) Vocology in Practice member, Authorized Instructor

(IVTOM) International Voice Teachers of Mix, valid member



Darcy D Music Group, artist development company, owner, 2006-present

Valley Voices Vocal Competition, Founding Director, 2009-2015

Board of Directors for BC Country Music Association 2013/2014

(SLS) Speech Level Singing, certified Instructor 2006-2010

Tour Manager Nettwerk Management, Vancouver BC 2003-2005

Company Manager, Theatre production company, Red Rock Diner, 2002/2003

Lead Vocalist, Juno award winning recording act, Prism 1987-2004

Composed and performed on several CD’s released throughout,Europe, UK and Japan through Escape Music, UK, 1995-2001

Lead Vocalist, Canadian Club act, Simon Kaos, 1981-1987



White Vision/White Vision - Escape Music UK, 1995

Pokerface/Life’s a Gamble - Escape Music UK, Fandango Music, Japan, 1996

Prism/Over 60 Minutes With - Capital Records, 1997

Prism/Jericho - Spinner Music Group, 1996

Darcy D/A Little ‘Sumpin ‘Sumpin  - Independent, 2001

Foreigner Tribute - Escape Music UK,


Awards & Nominations:

Gold record status - Prism/Over 60 Minutes with

Producer of the Year nominee - BC Country Music Association for Kristal Barrett


Singers Darcy has Worked with:

Victoria DuffieldWarner Music Canada    

Livy JeanneUniversal

Jason HastieSubversity Records

Britt McKillip/One More GirlEMI, Interscope

Carly McKillip/One More Girl: EMI, Interscope

Dave Faber604

Tiffany Desrosiers: Independent

Cole Armour: Independent

Michaela Clarke: Independent

Jordan McIntosh: Big Star Recording / Universal Music Canada


Currently Developing:

Jada Klein

Ruby Bruce

Currently CoManaging:

Me and Mae


Advantages of Working with Darcy D

Past experiences allow Darcy the advantage of knowing what it's like to stand centre stage in front of 25,000 people or before a nightclub crowd of 25. From Rock to Jazz Standards. Night after night, in assorted climates and conditions. From early morning TV appearances to the rigors of touring and traveling. Darcy knows how to care for your voice in every situation and circumstance and build the instrument to a healthy, balanced, functioning state - In the studio, On stage, On Tour and in rehearsal.

Over many years of touring clubs, concerts and festivals Darcy has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with acts such as: Trooper, Loverboy, Styx, ZZ Top, Steppenwolf, CCR, the Headpins, Toronto, Kansas, Deep Purple, Edgar Winter, Stryper, Honeymoon Suite, Sass Jordan, Sammy Hagar, ELO, David Coverdale (Whitesnake), Dan Mccafferty (Nazareth), Alanna Miles, Streetheart, Rick Derringer, Pat Travers, Foreigner, Alice Cooper, Golden Earring, Pat Benatar, Eddy Money and many more… Lending credit to performance experience and understanding of how to deliver an emotional, passionate message as a singer.

Having recorded and produced or co/produced more than 20 records and countless vocal productions, Darcy can easily assist any singer to achieve their best vocal performance in the studio. Assisting artists to achieve their sound without strain or loss of voice. Effective, creative, original vocal artistry.

Darcy also worked as a tour manager for Nettwerk Management, Vancouver. Taking the band GOB across North America and Japan. Sharing the road with the likes of Sum 41, Swollen Members, Fall Out Boy, Mest, Reel Big Fish and more.

In addition to his personal experiences as a vocalist, performer, recording artist and producer Darcy gained valuable experience on the other side of the stage as a Company Manager for a Theatre production company “Red Rock Diner”. Keeping a cast of 15,  a 6 piece band and an entire production crew on pace and on tour. First one up - Last one to bed.

Darcy’s client roster includes hundreds of singers, actors & voice over specialists from beginner to professional, in every genre.

Although his experiences are varietal, Darcy’s biggest passion has always been the voice. Its function, the many ways to use it and how to keep it strong, healthy and vibrant. His dedication to this passion is now the culmination of over 30 years of vocal experience.

5 years as a certified (SLS) Speech Level Singing Instructor.

And now, Western Canada’s only authorized instructor for (ViP) Vocology in Practice. ViP is a hand picked network of international voice coaches, Dr’s of Vocology, Laryngologists and vocal Scientists. Undeniably the most active and connected vocal teacher network in the world. Darcy also holds a seat on the Board of Directors for ViP.

“As someone in artist development, ViP provides access to a profound knowledge base from voice teachers to vocal scientists internationally. That combined with access to the collective and expansive industry experience of the network, provides valuable tools for me and focused results for my clients.” 
"SingPro is the best program I’ve ever come across to compliment the development and daily maintenance singers need to stay strong vocally. This program is a must for all singers, at all levels. SingPro is the take anywhere, do everything vocal package that encapsulates a singer's toolbox.  Every voice coach and singer should add this to their arsenal for optimal vocal development. It’s an essential, intuitive product that will change your vocal life"!
                                                                          Darcy D


Lisa Witt

Lisa teaches both piano and voice and has specialized experience working with children with a wide variety of learning, developmental, and physical disabilities. She is a registered Music for Young Children teacher although she has clients of all ages.  She teaches classical as well as contemporary piano. Piano students learn how to sight read, play by ear, and the basics of music theory. 

There are currently 2 authorized instructors of ViP in western Canada. Lisa Witt is one of them. Having successfully met the criteria to be a member of the Global Network of Elite Voice Professionals Lisa is an active part in what makes DMG successful. 

Lisa loves to help her students discover how to unlock the full potential of their voices no matter what style of music they desire to sing. She practices student based teaching.

Lisa has recorded an album of her own works, loves to perform live and has been a guest speaker for various events in the lower mainland community.

Lisa is now a permanent instructor at DMG and offers vocal and/or piano instruction in studio or online via SKYPE or Facetime.

Today, Lisa lives in Yarrow BC with her husband, Michael and their 2 sons, Max & Griffen. She teaches music full time and loves to hike, read, and eat cupcakes .

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Brandon Deutsch

Brandon does graphics.

As DMG's main partner in graphic visual design, we utilize Brandon and his company Element 8 Studios as our in house designer. Whether we're just toying with a concept or we need finishing touches before a final product launch we've got you covered!

  • Logo/Branding (custom designed to your exacting specifications)
  • Print Media: business cards/banners/posters...
  • Digital Media: Social market & web design/layout
  • Music Release Digital Designs: CD art/single or album art - all formats
  • Headshots: Location shooting or in-studio concepts/CD covers...
  • Videos: corporate/YouTube/Lyric/Feature

Brandon's eye for capturing the essence of every project and injecting style and appeal without detracting from the needs and wants of the artists compile key elements that expedite results for our clients. Its an asset to have this service in-house so as requirements change and evolve we can rely on stable support and quick turn around times.

In addition to assisting many of our clients with ever changing needs, Brandon has assisted others in the business: See for yourself....

"Vocology in Practice": graphic redesign

"Tamara Beatty" (coach on "the VOICE")

Kianna Marie Video: Everything is Beautiful